Yesterday was college football Saturday. Stadiums across the nation were filled with screaming, jumping, waving fans.  It would be interesting to know exactly how many tickets were sold for all of the games yesterday.  Let’s just say thousands and thousands of people piled in to watch 22 athletes on a 100 yard field for up to three hours.  Plus those that chose the good seats and stayed home to watch it on TV.  That is a lot of spectators.

Spectators are people who chose to just watch and not participate.  That brings up the question, do we have spectator religion?  To us, are the praise singers, and even the preacher the ones that we simply come to watch or are we ourselves engaged in the events and the outcome of the church service.

In all of the miracles done by Jesus recorded in John He required some action like “fill the water pots”, “draw out now”, and “go wash.”   In other words, participate in what you receive from the Lord.  No where are we instructed to be onlookers.

As we come together today, let’s all invest in what God will do today.  Let’s all participate in the worship, the preaching, and in whatever God will do today.

Pastor David Johnston