Sis. Crystal has been on a mission in our home. She is de-cluttering.

You know how it is with clutter, you don’t want anyone to see it. Clutter is one of those things that just happens.  No one decides to have clutter.  It’s one of those things that you all of sudden realize that you have.

We, personally, are a lot like that.  In our spirit, in our minds and hearts, we accumulate lots of clutter. Just hanging around certain people, perhaps unknowingly, we pick up ungodly thoughts and attitudes. Thinking that everything is all about “me.” I am entitled to this or that.  Reacting bitterly toward those who have hurt us.  Then, all of a sudden, we have this mess in our heart that we think we can hide from everyone, but we can’t.  It always comes out, one way or another.

Remember what Paul said, “your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost.  Do you think thatf God often feels like He is living in our clutter.

Maybe it’s time for some temple cleaning.  Get rid of those thoughts, attitudes, desires and whatever else we have allowed to enter the Temple of God.

Pastor David Johnston