As you know, Sis. Crystal and I get up early during the week. My wife gets up around 5:00 AM, and I usually get up around 5:30 AM. Normally, any house around this time is totally quiet. Well, no so, at our house. Every morning when I walk out of my room, I hear one of two things. Either, we hear music, or preaching. This is coming from Conner’s room. The unexpected music or preaching, depending on the moment, is enough to brighten the day.

That takes me to an occurrence in the life of Paul and Silas. They had been arrested, beaten and thrown into jail for preaching the gospel. If you know the story, you know that at midnight there are the sounds of prayer and singing coming from inside the jail. Immediately, we think, there is something wrong with this picture. Stripped, beaten, imprisoned and in stocks and their singing. I think that if we were honest, we would expect the verse to say, that they were complaining at midnight.

Actually, something is not wrong with this picture, something is RIGHT. The music isn’t coming from anything around them, but it is coming for inside of them. Even better, it got the attention of the other prisoners. Paul and Silas were facing adversities, but they were doing with joy instead of a bad mindset.

This reminds me, that people are watching us. Especially when we are in our midnight hour. How are we handling our adversities? Trust me, God will give you unexplainable grace and joy that will lift you and everyone around you.