New Things

There are some things that I just do not like. I do not like liver. I do not like a day when I do not feel like I have accomplished something. And, I do not like car troubles. Over a week ago, my wife was driving home from work, and her car just stopped. Whether I like it or not, sometimes I have to deal with things that I don’t like. We had the car towed to the garage, and after several days of calling to see if they had even looked at the car, we finally received a call. The repair was major, and they would have to have the car several days. The good news is that the warranty covers the problem (sigh of relief) and the warranty provides a rental car (another sigh of relief).

For the last few days, I have been driving a rental, and my wife has been driving my car. The nice thing is that it is a 2015, new shiny car. It still has the new smell, and I’m still learning how to operate it.

Even if I don’t like car problems, I do like new things. It is exciting to get a new phone, or new book, or new car.

What is even more exciting, when “all things become new”. Isn’t that what Paul said to the Corinthians? “Old things are passed away, and all things are become new”. That is something that only God can do. It is something that comes after a season of repentance, prayer and worship. Often we apply this scripture to the moment that a person is born again. Definitely, this is one application. However, Paul is writing to a church of born again believers. It is possible for every believer to find that newness in Christ that was experienced at our initial experience with Him. Every believer can fall into the rut of having a routine, monotonous, predictable walk with God. Imagine how exhilarating it would be to have that “become new” feel and how that would breathe new life into your relationship with Jesus Christ. Repentance, Prayer, and Worship will lead you into a freshness in Him.