Out of Gas

Has this happened to you?  You know that you need gas, but your too busy, or you don’t feel good or you have other things to do.  So you pass by the gas station.  Until suddenly, the car sputters and then the engine dies.  You didn’t get gas and you suffer the consequences.   You had the opportunity, but passed up the chance, and now you are the one dealing with it.

Often times our trouble and strife really goes back to the same cause as running out of gas.  You failed to fill up.  Not at Speedway and Exxon, but on your knees and in church.

Busy, tired and feeling less than great are all reasons we use, however at some point the tank is empty and you are walking in life wondering why… out loud when you know inside you have neglected the more important things.  Priorities reveal themselves in our lives.  At times trouble, sickness and tragedy finds us praying and at church.  However, only serving God in your low times has a way of multiplying your troubles and regrets.

God’s grace is astonishing in our weakness.  Even better is the blessing of hearing and obeying.  Believing and praying.  Overcoming and faithfully serving God will pay the greatest dividends.  It’s not about working to please God.  It’s not about trying to be perfect.

It’s about living a life that honors God and strives to be in fellowship with him when the sun is shining and you feel good.   Giving Him proper priority when things work out, not just crying out when you are between a rock in a hard place.

Sampson lived like that.   Sampson lived with an attitude that says, “God will get me out of this.”  And it seems he always does, but look at the heartache.  Sampson is a great example of a bad example.

However a better pattern to follow is in the lives of people that were blessed and praised by God.  Job served God before the trouble, after the trouble and during the trouble.

Daniel was praying faithfully before the lions den, during the lions den and afterwards great reward.  God is looking for someone to bless.  Don’t doubt that.  Who will he bless?  Those that make His word, His ways and His instruction a priority both in the good times and the bad.  Let’s make our hearts, minds and lives ready for the blessings of God.

Be in the house of the Lord.  Go with expectation and leave with appreciation.