How often do you find yourself doing things unintentional opposed to doing things that you have planned? I think each of us has both of these occur in our lives. I began to think about that in regards to spiritual matters.

Most thing that we do without planning is in response to circumstances or our environment, while, intentional actions are well thought out and planned.

Would you agree that most praise is a response to circumstances and what is going on in our lives. What virtue is there, when we are simply responding to our environment? Who cannot worship God in the midst of a Holy Ghost service? This is the reason why people can walk into service with a bad attitude, participate in a power packed service and walk out and be unchanged. What took place was not intentional praise. It was not premeditated praise, but simply responding to their environment. Admittedly, this is better than no response.

However, the true blessings of God are found in intentional praise. With intent and purpose in our hearts we live a praise filled life. Folks, praise is simply a church service role.

What kind of miracles would happen in our lives if we could see praise as more than an emotional response or an external action, but as a lifestyle. Whether your in the wilderness, or in the middle of despair, or in a prison cell like Paul and Silas, don’t let circumstances steal your song.