This week we observe Veterans Day, which is a day of remembering the men and women who have served in the US Military.  Each of us knows that Freedom is the birthright of an American citizen.  However, let’s remember, freedom is never free.  The men and women that carry the honor of being a veteran understand more than most of us that freedom is not free, but costs so much.  So this week, we choose to honor and remember each of you that served our country.  I am so thankful that God gave us the ability to remember.  Memory is the method by which information is encoded, stored, and retrieved.

Through out the Bible, God speaks to his people and tells them to remember.  He then tells them to build memorials.  He even instructed that some things were to be told from one generation to another.

I am so thankful that my children have such a rich Apostolic heritage.   My wife and I have listened to stories and looked at pictures that Sis. Sauters has of past revivals, and men and women of God.  We have looked at pictures of old buildings that became sanctuaries of the presence of God.  It is important that these memories not die with one generation but they must be declared to the next generation.  God gave us a memory so that we would not forget where we have come from, and the price that was paid for what each have in God today.

God gave us a memory so that we do not forget those that proclaimed and preached the Apostolic method and message of this born Again Experience.

I remember when I repented.  I remember when I was baptized in Jesus Name.  I remember when I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost.  I got it like they got it in the Bible.

I have found people still get it like they got it in the Bible.

I remember Jesus Christ and the Price he paid.  There is Victory, Freedom and Revelation in your Memory!