Sin and Self-Centeredness

It amazes me that things that once made us go oooh and ahhhh, are now commonplace.  When I was young, the space program was just getting off to a start.  People gathered from across the country, and if they couldn’t get to the cape, they watched it on television.  Today, launching the Space Shuttle is heard of after the fact.

The point is, the same principle that launched the Apollo rockets, is the same principle that launches the Space Shuttle.  For a rocket to blast into space, it needs tremendous momentum to break the gravitational barrier – but with the enormous power of jet engines and rocket fuel the ship is propelled faster and faster till it breaks free of the earth’s gravitational pull.

For us, if we are going to see the change that we so desire, we need momentum, spiritual momentum.  People who really want change are people who stand  against tough hurdles, and who pray with fervently. This produces spiritual strength and change.

Sin and self-centeredness produce compromise and depletes any momentum that you have established to bring change.  Reestablishing momentum requires true repentance and perseverance.  A victory is waiting for you, hold on, and break free and enjoy the change that God has for you.

Pastor David Johnston