The Will of God

1 John 2:17 “And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”

My question to you is this, “Do you want to do the will of God?”

Samuel had been sent on a task for the Lord. He was to anoint the next King of Israel. Samuel’s destination was the household of Jesse. When Samuel arrives, and presents his responsibility to Jesse. Immediately, the sons of Jesse are lined up in front of Samuel, and one by one, he survey’s the sons and goes on to the next one. Until finally, after looking at each one, and thinking surely this is the one. God reminds him, that God looks not at the face or the stature of a man, but at the heart.

Not one of the sons that Samuel had seen were the one that God had chosen. His question is, “Do you have another son?”. Jesse then sends to the sheep fields, for David. Samuel says, I will not sit until I until he comes. In other words, I will not sit until I see the will of God. David did not measure up in the eyes of his family.

Again, let me ask you, “Do you want to do the will of God?”. Don’t judge what you see right now, but trust God to give you direction. The problem that we have is that often the will of God is presented to us as a seed. And that doesn’t seem like much, but through the process of planting, watering, etc., that seed becomes a bush, a flower or a tree. The will of God is accomplished by those that recognize that it is not always pretty at first, and it may seem inconsequential. Take the stable for example, until a stable became a “delivery room” for the Messiah, it was just that, a place where sheep, oxen donkey’s and other animals were housed and feed. There was no glamour in it whatsoever, but God turned the grubby, mucky hay filled stable into a royal reception room for the King of Kings.

For 2015, I want the will of God, as you do, for my life, and for our church. Let’s be willing to not judge situations by what we see, but seek the direction of the Lord for this coming year.