Valentine Love

Do you remember celebrating Valentine’s Day in grade school? Shoeboxes became “mailboxes” covered with construction paper, with a pipe cleaner shaped into a heart. A big oval slit cut in the top waiting for all those envelopes to be stuffed in. We would go to Cheds (a local department store) to pick out a package of Valentines.

The teacher sent a list of names home, so that no one was missed. As I addressed my Valentines the weekend before party day, I paused at one name on the list. I thought about how mean this boy had been to me. I thought about it all evening, but eventually I addressed a card to that boy.

Jesus talked a lot about loving others. However, there is one that is harder than the others: We are to love our enemies and do good to those who hate us (Luke 6:27).

As humans, our natural tendency is to reserve my love for those who love me back. Jesus said nothing to brag about. Admittedly it takes the supernatural help of the Holy Spirit. It is very difficult for us to love an enemy, but we can submit to the Spirit and allow God’s love to flow through me to that other person. Each of us are here because of God’s unconditional love, and the only reasonable response is to love others. When we do that, we’re offering the world an undeniable witness of God’s love and power. It is a love that can change hard hearts and draw people to Jesus Christ.

Valentines day as well as any other day is a great day to reach out to people that we normally wouldn’t think of.