Robert Coleman said, “Revival is that sovereign work of God in which He visits His own people, restoring and releasing them into the fullness of His blessing.”

Through The years, people have often asked me, “Do you really believe in the revival that will come to America?”  They will continue by saying, I don’t see it.  The conditions are too bad.  Sin is flourishing.  They have a litany of reasons, revival will not happen.

Let me share with you a quote that I recently read:

“Few of us are tempted today to dream too big.  Rather, our vision shrinks to the size of our limited experience.  Yet all things are possible for those who believe in the God who created the heavens and the earth.  In our disbelief, we can ask God for inspiration to believe.  Then he may give us a vision of divine size.” – Collin Hansen and John Woodbridge

It can be put this way, “Revival must begin within each of us…..and it’s not just a one-time event but an ongoing process of desiring to be closer to Him.

“The inevitable and constant preliminary to revival has always been a thirst for God, a thirst, a living thirst for a knowledge of the living God, and a longing and a burning desire to see him acting, manifesting himself and his power, rising and scattering his enemies.”

A lady asked Billy Sunday “Why do you keep having revival meetings?” And he quickly retorted, “Why do you always take a bath?”

Revival is an ongoing transformation of our hearts to be constantly moved by the Spirit of God. We need to be daily breaking up our fallow ground, those places in our hearts which we’ve allowed to grow hard. How? We have to first ask the Lord to reveal those hard places, pray that He would forgive us and ask Him to heal all our rough edges that we might be soft before Him and sensitive to His leading. Only then will we be changed and be in a place where we can contribute to revival around us.

Hosea 10:12 (KJV)
Sow to yourselves in righteousness, reap in mercy; break up your fallow ground: for it is time to seek the Lord, till he come and rain righteousness upon you.

Pastor David Johnston