A world we often “look” at, but very seldom “see”…….

I love to take pictures and a few years ago I decided to try “macro photography” (closeups). Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. I’ve at times thought we “look” at the world around us, but don’t actually “see” it, and I was right.. God has created a wonderful, fabulous place for us to live, but we as humans often want to rush through life. We take Interstates because it’s quicker, never slowing down to admire the beauty of God’s creation or stopping to “smell the roses”.

When “looking” at things in nature, I find it difficult for people to think there is no God of creation. The variations, the symmetry, the colors, the beauty and often, the surprises, will leave you amazed. But…. you have to stop and look.

I’ve put together a couple of videos using the photos I have taken over the years. All of the photos were taken in the county I live, most within 3 miles of home, many around the house. A majority of the “flowers” shown are considered “roadside weeds”. Yes, there is beauty in weeds (it’s all God’s creation).

So, “take time to smell the roses”, sit back, relax, and enjoy Gods beauty.

(Due to limitations of the video player, please stop a video before starting the other.)


[jwplayer config=”small-video” mediaid=”1703″ image=”http://www.rwoodupc.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/SMP-0321_Daisy.jpg”]


[jwplayer config=”small-video” mediaid=”1685″ image=”http://www.rwoodupc.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/SMP-0285_Bleeding_Heart-Pink.jpg”]