Easter Play

On Easter Sunday, the Youth Department put on a play in the fellowship hall  for Super Church.  It must have been something…… we heard it in the sanctuary.  After service, word got out that a young man received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost during the play….. That’s wonderful.  Because of all the hard work that went into the production, I told Pastor Johnston the play needed to presented to the general congregation.  He agreed and the play was presented last Sunday during worship service.

I watched the production.  It was performed entirely by the youth:… music, lights and “action”.  I say “action” because each scene was a “still life”.  As I watched, I quickly realized these young people were not doing a good job…… they were doing a fantastically awesome job!

I wasn’t lavish or professionally done, but it was done from the heart.

You could see in their faces, the dedication to what they were doing.  My hat’s off to each and everyone of you.  So often the youth of today get caught up in drugs, sex and alcohol, but these young people choose to do something for God.  They did it well and it touched all that watched.

Bro. Tim; wonderful choice of music and scenes.  Thanks for the dedication you and Sis. Cyndi have for the youth of this church.

Bro. Jason; excellent job on the narration.  It added so much to the play.

A video of the play can be found here.

Again, Great Job to all the Youth that were a part of this production, you should be as proud of yourselves as I am of you.