Hurricanes, Floods, and Earthquakes

The last few weeks, newspaper headlines have been limited to the news of hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes.  Thousands upon thousands of people have been displaced, lost their homes, or somehow been affected by the storms.  Each of the hurricanes came with warning.  People were told to get ready.  For some this meant, milk, bread, toilet paper.  For others, their response was boarding up windows and buying sand bags.  Seeing the severity of the storms the order is given to evacuate.  Many took the order seriously, and others chose to come face to face with the storm.

Just because we are born again, does not mean that the world suddenly becomes calm.  As a matter of fact, the world is reeling and rocking as never before.  The foundations that have held America, the church and the family together have been flooded, weakening the very things that we need to build upon.  Like the hurricanes that are currently impacting so many people, the storm that has weakened our nation is going to take it’s course.  Survivors will be determined by those that prepare.

Prepare for the storm by being born again.  That is the beginning of how we prepare, without salvation we can never be prepared.  The Holy Ghost will help you board up your heart so that the devil can’t come against you.  When we are prepared we can weather the storm, we can over come the obstacles,.

Through God we can be prepared. We must pray, read the inspired word of God.