I Do Not Understand

I admit that there are somethings that I do not understand. Splitting atoms is above my pay grade. The balance of the universe is more than I can handle, and the why teenagers act the way they do totally baffles me.

There are a couple of more things that confound me. I know that Jesus loves me, but I’m not sure that I can really explain why. Also, Jesus loves the world, no matter how wicked it becomes, is another thing that I cannot grasp.

The reason that I preach is to bring people into a place to experience the love of God.

God loves people.
God loves us to save and cleanse us from our sins.
God loves us to fulfill His purpose in our lives.
God loves us to fill us with His power and enable us in His kingdom.

How we answer the questions, “Do you know that Jesus loves you?”, is more than just words, but is revealed in our actions.

If Jesus, God in the flesh, loved me enough to die for me, I must love him enough to live for him. Because he had mercy on me, I must have mercy on others. Jesus forgave me, Lord help me to always forgive others.

John 15:9 (KJV) As the Father hath loved me, so have I loved you: continue ye in my love.