No Barriers

Hebrews 10:22 (KJV) Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, …..

As a child, I liked to push the boundries.  Yes, I was one of those children that stood at the closed screen door and looked outside with longing.  I would walk to the steps of the porch, put my hands on the small gate that was there to keep me from falling down the stops.  Standing there, I would rock that gate back and forth, hoping in my own childish way that I could get on the other side and play in the yard.

Things haven’t changed all that much.  Working at the fireworks tent the other day, I was watching as people came in, looking at the barriers, it was as if they immediately wanted to reach over top it to grab something.

Barriers hinder us, they are in our way.  They challenge us and our authority.  Ultimately, they stop us from going any further.

Yet, the scripture says, “let us draw near”.  How can you draw near if there are barriers?  The fact is God has removed the barriers that hinder us from coming to Him.  God’s desire is a close relationship with His people.  This could not be achieved with hindrances in our way, and as far is God is concerned, the barriers have been removed.



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