Problem Solved

My name is David Johnston and I am dependent on my computer. There I said it. Confession is good for the soul. All is great with my computer as long as it working well. However, when the beeping starts, or it freezes, or some other unexplainable event happens, then it drives me crazy.

Not long ago, I was working feverishly on something and my computer starting beeping. I wasn’t sure what was happening, I would hit a button and it would stop. A short time later it would start again. Then the screen began to fade. Panic was setting in, I was trying to save everything so that I wouldn’t lose it. And the last thing that I wanted to do was call tech support. I checked to make sure that it was plugged in, and it was. I followed the cord, to make sure there were no other issues with the cord, and I didn’t see any. I was bewildered. Relinquishing myself to the fact that I was going to be on the phone with tech support for the next two hours or more, I decided one more time to check the things that I knew, and I started with the cord. As I was checking the plug in, I found that it WAS plugged into the power strip, but the power strip was not on. Problem found, problem solved.

It reminds of me of the time, when the disciples couldn’t figure out why they couldn’t cast a demon out of a boy that was possessed, and they asked the Lord privately, why. His response was, “this comes only by prayer and fasting”. In other words, like my computer issue, the problem was at the source.

When there is no power in our lives, we need to go back to the source. For Christians, a failure in power is a failure to pray. The scripture reminds us, that “unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain that build it”. We can plan, make phone calls, use lists, but if we don’t pray the result will not be what God has done.

You need to pray with your spouse, with your church, with your children. Prayer is the method God uses to get things done.