The Barnabas Group

Jesus was the master at discipleship.  Everything thing that he did, he did with purpose.  Though Jesus chose twelve men, He dedicated three and one half years developing them.  His teaching, his miracles, and even the places that he went were part of an elaborate mentoring plan.  And it worked.

He developed 12 men that turned the world upside down.  It seemed that every waking minute was used to impart some great truth, that someday would be put into action to establish the church.

From the example of the great communicator comes two invaluable truths.  First of all, we must be learners.  Often in the scripture the disciples are found at the feet of Jesus.  From the shores of Galilee to the hillside for the sermon on the mount, they soaked in every word.

It is from this example that “The Barnabas Group” is born.  “The Barnabas Group” is a ministry development endeavor.  For those that feel some call to ministry, this small group dynamic will be a tremendous asset in leadership development.

Meeting once a month in a casual setting, “The Barnabas Group” will tackle a variety of topics in an open group setting, allowing everyone to input as well as to be built up in your area of ministry.   Using both the group setting as well as individual study,  “The Barnabas Group” will allow those involved to have the confidence to step out of their boat, and walk on the water of ministry.

If you feel a call to some ministry, this group is for you.  You may sign up by seeing Pastor Johnston.

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