Lost Sheep

Jesus told the story in Luke about a little sheep that was lost.

It’s scary being lost.  I have been lost more than once.  As a child, I was lost while shopping with my Mother at JC Penney.  I remember being very frightening.  As an adult, I was lost in a large city.  Again, that can be frightening.  As a parent, I also know what it is like to think that your child is lost.  Once we were at the Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.  Somehow, we were separated from Conner.  The next thing we know, we hear Conner’s name over the PA.  To say the least we were scared.

God is the same way, He knows what it is like to have lost children.  He also knows how scared they can be when they are lost.

I am so thankful that when Jesus told the story, He let us know that the shepherd left the 99 to find one lost sheep.  Searching night and day, walking the hillsides the shepherd was intent on finding one lost sheep.

Believe me when I say, the shepherd is still searching for the lost.

Pastor Johnston