A Divine Purpose


Pastor David Johnston

4/16/20231 min read

To my wife there is something calming and relaxing about sand. She loves the beach simply because she can walk on the sand. Walking on the sand is free.

However, if you take the sand and put it in a bag, and advertise it for use around your home, then the sand's value increases and it is sold.

Take the same sand and glue it to a piece of paper. Label it sand paper and put it on the shelf of a hardware store, and again, the sand's value increases.

Take the same sand and heat it. Run it through a process. Then it becomes an intricate part of a computer chip that is now worth hundreds of dollars.

The same sand that once was free increases in value when a greater purpose is found in becoming something of greater worth.

God uses various ways and processes to help us find our purpose. Through our opportunities, passions, and abilities we are led to finding our purposes in God. God has a divine purpose for your life.