Don't Miss the Flight


Pastor David Johnston

6/11/20231 min read

Several years ago while waiting for my connecting flight in Detroit, I had some time. Not wanting to miss my flight, I examined my ticket, and made my way to the gate, found a seat and pulled out my newest book to read.

This was always a full flight, so I was expecting seats to fill quickly. However, the gate area was empty, no one was posted at the gate... no other passengers were showing up. Obviously, I became concerned. Had the flight been moved to another gate? Had the flight been canceled?

I pulled out my ticket and then I realized I had confused my seat number for the gate number. Not only was I at the wrong gate, I was in the wrong terminal. Grabbing my carry-on, I ran through the airport to arrive at the gate just as they closed the door. I asked the person at the gate, "Is there any way that I can get on that plane?" She explained that once the door was shut, there was nothing they could do.

This reminded me of what it will be like to miss the rapture. Once the trumpet has sounded, there is nothing that can be done. Today is the day of salvation.