Embracing Easter


Pastor David Johnston

3/31/20241 min read

Most people enjoy celebrating Easter, but somehow it becomes a distant second to Christmas. It seems, Christmas has all the promotion and fanfare. However, have you considered that without death, the burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christmas would have no meaning?

If Christ had not died, we would still be dead in trepasses and sins. If it were not for the resurrection, we would have no hope of new life in Christ.

At Christmas, there are presents and fun traditions, and it's all about God sending the gift of His Son. But Easter! Easter is about the supreme sacrifice, the price being paid, my sin and guilt, angry mobs, a brutal crucifixion, the blood, "It is finished" and then an empty tomb.

When we embrace the true Meaning of Easter, we understand that there was nothing we could do on our own to deal with the problem of sin. It is only through Christ that this problem is solved.

Embracing Easter beckons a response from each of us. We have a God that took upon Himself the flesh of man, that He could be the sacrifice for our sins. We have a God that was buried and rose from the dead on the third day. We have a God that is alive and reigns in Heaven above. We have a God that desires to have a relationship with each one of us.

That places the choice upon us. We can draw near to God and receive mercy and find help in our time of need. Take this opportunity to open your heart to Jesus, today.