Experience Hope


Pastor David Johnston

4/9/20231 min read

Imagine the scene when Mary and the others went to the grave of Jesus. Mary Magdalene had thought Jesus was dead. Instead, she comes face to face with the resurrected Lord.

The hope that Mary experienced the day of Jesus' resurrection is the same hope you and I celebrated yesterday. Hope that comes from Jesus Christ is not just wishful thinking. It is a powerful reality that changes all of life.


Healing from the sins of the past.

Opens to you the possibility of restoration after defeat.

Provides you an answer when you doubt.

Enables you to conquer death. Through your trust in Christ, you will live forever with Him.

Don't miss the true meaning of Easter.

Because Jesus Christ lives, you can be forgiven of your sins. You can live a fulfilling life and you can have eternal hope!

You can have hope today because of Jesus Christ's resurrection!