Get the Water Boiling


Pastor David Johnston

7/30/20231 min read

Charles Spurgeon was a minister often accused of being "controversial". One day a friend of Spurgeon's remarked, "So, I hear you are in hot water again."

"No, I'm not the one in hot water," Spurgeon answered. "The other fellows are. I'm the man who makes the water boil!"

We're living in amazing times. Wars are being waged. Prophecy is being fulfilled. And God is moving in unprecedented ways.

Spurgeon's response was his declaration that he must and was doing something for God. He was preaching a gospel that at times can make us very uncomfortable. If it doesn't, I would question our spiritual temperature. This is not the time to slow down, slack off, or delay being used of God. This is the time to turn up the spiritual heat. It's time to get the water boiling.