He Knows Your Name


Pastor David Johnston

8/13/20231 min read

I was the fifth of six children. There were times around our house that things were chaotic. Everyone doing their own thing at the same time. Occasionally, my mom and dad would be calling for me and they would call me by one of my brother's names.

It's easy at times to feel a little lost when your own parents don't remember your name. At times, I was waiting for them to say, "Which one are you?"

Not so with God. God does not lose track of an individual. When God calls your name, He knows who He is calling. He is not confused or thinking of another person. God calls your name for many reasons. He will call your name when He wants you to give Him your heart. He will call your name when He draws you to a deeper commitment. He will call your name when He has something He wants you to do.

He knows the number of hairs on your head (Matt 10:30) and that should give you confidence that God is watching over you day and night.