Loving Others


Pastor David Johnston

8/6/20231 min read

I have often said, there are things that I need to learn to do. At times, I have taken the effort to to learn, however, I would get busy and not follow through. The fact is, if I really thought that it was important I would do it.

Jesus once told His disciples to "love one another, as I have loved you." (John 13:34) Jesus knows that our actions reveal our true motivations.

What good is it to preach a gospel of grace declaring that Jesus loves the world and fail to show the love of Jesus to the people around us. By showing the love of Christ to an unbelieving world, not only our words, but our actions point others to faith in Christ.

Let's make it our prayer to ask God to help us loves others:

  • To reach out to our neighbors

  • To help a friend in need

Let us shine His light by sharing His love all around us in our daily lives.