Not A Chef

Just in case there is any doubt, I want to clear something up, I am not now, nor will I every a a master chef, or even an amateur cook. However, every now and then I do prepare a meal. Usually, my specialty involves a crock pot and two or three ingredients. Let’s just say that I’m not expecting an invitation from the cooking channel.

When I am cooking and I remove the lid of the crock pot, I have watched the vapor rising and thought to myself, That is my life.

I still consider myself fairly young and strong, and I’ve got a lot of life to live yet, but I am reminded that a lifetime is as brief as that disappearing steam.

Much of our lives are spent working, sleeping, eating, resting. After those things, how much is left? Maybe the real question is how much of our time do we give the Lord, who gives us every minute that we have. Jesus knew us before we took our first breath, and he knew the length of our days. No matter how long our lives are, God has a plan for each of us.

Do you remember the old song, “Only What You Do for Jesus Will Last”. Lord, help us to accomplish the purpose that you designed for us.