Overweight Bags

Airlines have become stricter for overweight bags. They now charge you extra for any bag weighing over 50 pounds. It seems as though they are trying to get us to travel light. Travel light or pay the fine.

The writer of Hebrews says that we need to lay aside every weight and the sin which doth so easily beset us. Just what weights are you carrying around? What cares are you holding on to? What weight can’t you shake?

Peter tells us to cast all our care upon Jesus for he careth for us. I think it’s time that every believer unload anything they are carrying that isn’t like Christ. If you’ve been hurt, lay it aside. If you been lied on, lay it aside. If you’ve made a bad decision, lay it aside. If you’ve just gone through an ugly divorce, lay it aside.

Whatever weight is impeding your walk with God, lay it aside, as you can’t bring it into heaven with you anyhow. As Paul said, you brought nothing into this world and you for certain can’t carry it out. So lay it aside. You can’t run the race carrying them.