The True Meaning of Christmas


Pastor David Johnston

12/27/20231 min read

Mary was an ordinary girl, living an ordinary life. I'm sure that Mary had normal hopes and dreams as any young girl has. Planning a wedding for one, since she was already engaged to Joseph.

Yes, her life was average until an angel appeared unto her. The message the angel delivered was that Mary had been chosen by God for a purpose. She had been chosen to bring the son of God into the world.

Mary's response to the surprise announcement is found in Luke 1 verse 38, "Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word." Mary was ready to surrender her life to the Lord, even if it meant that she might be disgraced in the eyes of everyone who knew her. Mary took God at His word, accepted God's will for her life, and placed herself in God's hands.

That's what it takes to truly celebrate Christmas: to believe what is completely unbelievable to many people, to accept God's will for our lives, and to place ourselves in God's service, trusting that our lives are in His Hands. Only then will we be able to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.